financial advisor Calgary

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financial advisor Calgary

Planning for your financial future is daunting. It seems impossible to cover every base or obstacle that can occur. That’s where we come in. Money Walk is a top-rated financial advisor in Calgary. We will sit down with you and develop a plan that puts on on the path to financial stability.

Role of a financial advisor

A financial advisor works with individuals on money matters, tax issues, and investments. This individual also helps people prepare for retirement or special events. They help clients make investments and create savings plans to meet those goals. They also ensure they keep their clients informed on how tax and regulatory matters affect them. Some financial advisors specialize in specific areas like risk management or retirement accounts. These advisors meet with clients at least once per year to review their portfolios and the progress made towards their financial goals.

Financial advisors can also sell you products that match your needs. They hold licenses that permit them to buy and sell financial products for their clients in such areas as insurance, stocks, mutual funds, and others. Depending upon the agreement a client signed with their advisor, they can also buy and sell stocks on your behalf.

Requirements to be a financial advisor

A financial advisor is a serious position that requires certifications. There is more than one type of certification one can have and still work as an advisor. Here are a few certifications your advisor can have.

  • CFP-certified financial planner
  • FRM- financial risk manager
  • CIC-chartered investment counselor
  • CFA-chartered financial analyst

All of these designations meet the requirements of holding a bachelor’s degree as well as completing additional training hours to receive the certification they now hold. Every financial advisor in Calgary, working for us, is certified.

What other products can a financial advisor sell?

Financial advisors can sell investment products and mutual funds after they pass their Series 6 examination. Once the advisor passes the exam, they can sell investment products, select insurance products, and mutual funds. There is an additional examination, the Series 7 exam, which allows the advisor to sell securities upon successful completion.

There are benefits that come from your advisor, having a license to sell you additional products. As they review your financial portfolio and holdings, they can see what areas you may lack in and what other products can aid your portfolio and its growth. Rather than hiring another professional, you can purchase products from a professional you already know and trust.

Benefits of hiring a financial advisor

A financial advisor is trained to manage your entire financial portfolio. They have other clients, but the only job they have is to make decisions that improve their clients’ portfolios. They received extensive training to do this job. As individuals, we did not take additional coursework, nor do we have free time to watch the markets. That’s why it’s worth hiring an advisor.

Don’t wait to get your financial future in order. Contact Money Walk and get set up with a top financial advisor in Calgary. 

financial advisor Calgary